Jeremy Watson – Program Coordinator and Kids as Catalyst Program Trainer

Jeremy is Kids Thrive’s Program Coordinator and lead trainer for the Kids as Catalyst program in Benalla.

Jeremy is an award-wining creative mentor, who has brought learning in the Arts along with all its benefits to hundreds of people over the years. He’s taken the skills acquired from running his own photography business and alchemised them into inspirational learning for a wide audience, covering all ages in urban and rural areas. With a focus on youth, he has maintained a strong working relationship with Carclew Youth Arts in Adelaide for over 20 years, managing programs such as Kidzone at WOMAD and CARGO Arts in Schools.

Jeremy has taken his photography teaching and project management skills to people and places through Victoria and South Australia and internationally, as well, as far as Sri Lanka, running programs and projects designed to coax out skill and confidence in people of all ages. 

His natural flair for art, mentoring and logistics has found it’s perfect home at Kids Thrive.