Kids as Catalyst Arts: children leading change through arts in the community


Here comes the a new generation of community artists.

In 2017 Kids Thrive is piloting Kids as Catalyst Arts (KiCArts) in partnership with St Pius X Primary School in West Heidelberg.

Built on Kids as Catalyst child-led change model, KiCArts will see primary school children and their chosen community organisation partner to present public works of art to address local issues.

We are proud to be stepping out with a program that will give rise to a new generation of Community Artists – arts practitioners who use arts as a platform for community well-being and activism.

Our Kids Thrive Community Artists will be beginning their life’s work at 8-12 years old.

How is this child-led social change?

KiCArts will begin on the foundations of Kids as Catalyst. Children will create catalyst teams to address a  local issue – eg discrimination, environmental threats, gender-based challenges.

Each team will then approach and secure a partnership with a local organisation . Together (children and adults) will collaborate with a Kids Thrive artist to create a public work of art, displayed in a very public place.

The public work of art will aim to educate and inspire the community to change its attitudes and behaviors and so make their local community a more inclusive, healthy and happy place for all.

Child-led change brought us child-led innovation

This Kids Thrive innovation was inspired by grades 4-6 at Baringhup Primary who, in their Kids as Catalyst program created a public work of art to inspire their community to value education. The Flight Of The Fledglings included a nest with eggs inscribed with the names of the grade 4-6 children in the KiC program, an artistic representation of a local bird, and a message that education allows little people to be nurtured, crack out of their shell and take flight into the big wide world.

Thank you Baringhup Primary School. Thank you Daryl Young for your great community arts. Thank you Janette Leaver principal for your vision and daring. One creative act has given wings to a whole new idea. Here’s to a whole new generation of community artists beginning the lifelong power of using beauty to uplift dignity. Here’s to those who remind us to be our best selves with and for each other.

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2017 Delivery Partner

West Heidelberg – St. Pius X Primary School

2017 Funding Partners

Sidney Myer Fund | The William Buckland Foundation | The Packer Family Foundation