2015 at a Glance: InSchools Philanthropy

‘The philanthropists are out now and there’s no stopping them.’  Rhomarni, 12
‘Before ISP I didn’t care about the community. Now I care about the community.’  Zayne, 11
I learnt that we should get out there and change the world more.’  Mia, 11
‘I learnt that we should care about all people no matter how different.’  Jacinta, 11
I learnt how to be confident.’  Annaliese

31 grade five and six students from Carisbrook Primary School in the Goldfields region took part in Kids Thrive’s boot camp for future social change agents, InSchools Philanthropy (which will be known as Kids as Catalyst from 2016).

Kids Thrive’s Andrea Rieniets and Andrea Lemon joined Castlemaine-based artist, trainer and educator Deborah Sonenberg to lead the students through a 6-month program that taught them how to conceive, design and implement real-life, philanthropic projects that solve real problems facing their community.


The skills developed by children in the program went beyond numeracy and literacy benchmarking to introduce community building, project management, leadership and communication skills. Students forged partnerships with local volunteers, charities and community organisations; ‘pitched’ their projects to a panel of local community leaders; developed budgets and managed finances; and developed and delivered unique community projects.

The students, in collaboration with their chosen community partners, devised 6 projects, which included the purchase of a first aid kit for the Maryborough Girl’s Football Team, a pétanque kit and lessons with the local Senior Citizen’s Club, making an Indigenous garden at the school with help from local Indigenous elders, and an environmental campaign developed with the Moorlort Landcare Group.

Click here for a full list of projects.