Alex Walker – KiC Arts Teaching Artist

Alex Walker is a youth arts practitioner focusing on making live art with a cross-section of young people at the point where the spheres of children, arts, culture, and politics intersect. She works with inclusive, collaborative devising techniques that aim to frame the contributions of the young people through innovative and dynamic forms. Alex works across contexts, heavily invested in carving out a place for the voice and position of the young person to have an impact on their environment and community.

In 2016 Alex founded House of Muchness (HOM) which is a centre of artistic practices for the creative well-being of young people. At HOM, she has established a culture which breeds safe, creative risk-taking and artistic experimentation. She uses arts processes to arrive at new material which reveals the contemporary condition of young people and their complex relationship with the world.

Alex is also the co-director of School With No Walls which operates within education environments to activate the learning experience through the insertion of kinesthetic and sensory strategies. Alex has held key artistic roles at St Martins Youth Arts Centre, Outback Theatre for Young People and Australian Theatre for Young People. She has presented at State, Regional and International Conferences dedicated to young people and the arts.