Deanna Neville – Kids as Catalyst Program Trainer

Deanna is the lead trainer for Kids Thrive’s Kids as Catalyst program in the Maldon area of rural Victoria.

Deanna is a photographer and community development facilitator, working primarily in rural communities. Her speciality is a photo-narrative process called Focus On Community, which involves working with people taking photo portraits that, accompanied by stories their stories and experiences, are brought together as books. The stories are based on people’s real-life experiences of adversity and life challenges, yet filled with inspiration and hope. Through sharing their stories, alongside strong and engaging portraits, the books tend to help others who share those or other similar paths.

Deanna has had extensive experience in project design and facilitation, as well as in teaching and training across diverse age groups.

Deanna’s knowledge and connections with her local community are deep and long-standing. She lives on a small rural property in a creative arts hub in central Victoria. She blends her love of the outdoors with long bike rides, swimming in lakes, gardening, and clouds.