Carisbrook Primary School Students Give It All They’ve Got

Students from Carisbrook Primary School are taking part in Kids Thrive’s InSchools Philanthropy, a six-month active leadership program where children identify and solve real problems facing their community.


Grade 5 and 6 Carisbrook students are experiencing how to connect their shared values to conceive, design and implement collaborative philanthropic projects in their local communities. They’re giving it all they’ve got.

In a program in which there is a lot of room for trying different approaches to getting to your outcomes there is one golden rule – go ‘Old Skool’. All connections must be made face-to-face or by telephone (no internet). All solutions must be co-designed with a community organisation partner. And each team must give its time, talent and treasure to make a difference (no fundraising frenzy to just hand over the cash).

Because it’s raw and real, every obstacle is a learning moment for improvisation. Every unanswered call a lesson in persistence. Every disappointment a lesson in resilience.

The children are putting the final touches on their community project plans and budgets today. They’ll roll out their projects with their local community partners in August and September.

Projects in the pipeline include:

* Partnering with Maryborough girls football team to donate two medical kits and time to support training. This project is an expression of valuing equal access for women.

* Collaborating with local Indigenous elders to create an indigenous garden in Carisbrook. This project is an expression of valuing cultural diversity.

* Donating and installing an outdoor umbrella for ASTERIA, a disability service in Maryborough, and hosting a morning tea under the new umbrella that takes into consideration the food sensitivities and motor-skill abilities of the ASTERIA clients. This project is an expression of valuing people with disabilities.

* Partnering with senior citizens to donate 2 pétanque sets. The students will also have pétanque lessons so that they can play with the elders and celebrate with a morning tea. This project is an expression of valuing elders.

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