Circle of Support

What a lovely event. Our very first Circle of Support. With Kids Thrive staff, consultants and funders sitting together to hear and share stories of child-led change.

Kids Thrive first Circle of Support
Kids Thrive first Circle of Support

(From left to right) John Paul Fischbach (Auspicious Arts Incubator and Kids Thrive mentor), Jim Rimmer (VicHealth), (out of shot) Sylvia Admans (R E Ross Foundation), Deborah Sonenberg (Kids Thrive Child and Education Support), Mike Thatcher (Pretentia), Kate Darian-Smith and Doug Bourne (Committee of Management), Kirsty Allan (Myer Foundation), Denise Rieniets (Chair), Will Mahon (Atticus Design), Nandini Bose (Kids Thrive), Ande Lemon (Kids Thrive).

Also there was Andrea Rieniets (Kids Thrive) taking the photo, and Narelle Sullivan (Kids Thrive) and Daisy McPhee (Kids Thrive dog-in-residence).

We shared the stories of our teachers – the kids who have informed our programs – from their photos taken by Angela Bailey that now hang on our new foyer gallery wall.

Thanks to those who came with open hearts and minds and were clearly moved by the beautiful work we are all collaborating on. It’s a Kids Thrive tradition to celebrate wins both big and small. Chin Chin.