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West Heidelberg students aged 5 – 8 years old took part in the Banyule Kids Thrive program, created to support children in vulnerable communities, by strengthening their social and emotional skills, and encourage alternatives to conflict and violence.

The result was an incredible album of original songs written by the children, celebrating friendships and feelings.


Listen to the Let Yourself Join In album

I’ll Give You a Compliment

I Feel A Bit

I’m So Shy

Pants are Cranky

How Many Ways Can I Say that I’m Happy

Some Feelings

If I Could Tell the World One Thing

Me Hace Sentir Bien

When You’re a Friend of Mine

Colours of Feelings

Feelings Are a Carnival of Colours

Let Yourself Join In

St Pius X Game Call

Together We Shine

Peace and Love Give Everyone a Hug


‘Banyule Kids Thrive has been key to transforming our little school into a leadership and learning school.’ Barbara Gomez, Principal St Pius X Primary, West Heidelberg






Find out about the Bayule Kids Thrive program