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On October 22 2018 something special happened.



More than 100 12 year olds from across Victoria gathered at the Arts Centre Melbourne, to produce their inaugural Kids Manifesto.

Part of Children’s Week, 19-28 October 2018, the Kids Manifesto event recognised and supported child-led advocacy and social change. More than 100 students attended from;

The students collaborated with facilitators to produce the Manifesto and send a powerful statement to the audience of policy-makers and politicians, community leaders, including Liana Buchanan, Principal Commissioner for Children and Young People, Victoria; Fiona Patten MP, Reason Party; David Southwick MP, Liberal Party Victoria; Huong Truong MP, Australian Greens Victoria; Eva Massey and  Joshua Brittain, UNICEF Youth Ambassadors; and Sandy Shaw, Newsboys Foundation.

Participating students undertook the six-month Kids Thrive Kids as Catalyst program.

The Manifesto is the next step up from this work as they spoke directly to Victorian leaders and shared their vision for a better world, based on their experiences advocating in their local communities. 






‘Kids have a remarkable sphere of influence that goes well beyond their home and school. Their agency should be harnessed in the big decisions that affect us all, now and in the future.’ Dr Andrea Lemon, CEO /Co Founder of Kids Thrive.


The Kids Manifesto was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Arts Centre Melbourne, William Buckland Foundation, Sidney Myer Fund and the Newsboys Foundation in celebration of its 125th year.

Photos provided with thanks from Meredith O’Shea