Grow up – act like a child!

The student-led strike for action on climate change is a powerful global movement. It is has galvanised communities and triggered responses from governments and organisations around the world.

It is a resounding example of the powerful role children can – and should – play in leading the change they want to see in the world.

Kids Thrive CEO Dr Ande Lemon says, ‘Too often kids are expected to be passive bystanders with no opportunity to participate in decisions which directly affect their health and wellbeing.’

‘We know from experience – and this is supported by leading international research – that children can initiate and lead positive change from their own perspective, and that they play a pivotal role in bringing communities together.’

In late 2018 Victorian primary school-aged students produced their Kids Manifesto, which calls for the action they’d like to see in the world. Focusing on cultural diversity, disability, gender, animals, the environment and the elderly, the Kids Manifesto is a powerful statement of what the world could look like if kids were in charge.

Kids Manifesto Broadsheet Oct 2018