Our History

After 30 years of working in the arts and with communities across Australia, Lemon and Rieniets partnered their significant experience and expertise to shine a light on children as creative catalysts for positive community change.

In 2007 they established a small music company called Cha Cha Sam – partnering with children’s specialists across Australia to create education, health and disability resources for children’s professionals, and performances for children and families. Cha Cha Sam quickly outgrew the original vision as the potential for this unique partnership approach became apparent.

In 2010 Lemon and Rieniets started Kids Thrive.  Kids Thrive builds on their long-held philosophy and approach: partnering artists with children’s specialists to develop long-term, arts-based programs in which children can become the catalysts for significant community change, and finding creative approaches to tackle entrenched challenges facing Australian communities.