Kids as Catalyst – join us at our biggest ever Showcase Expo of child-led community change

Kids as Catalyst Showcase and Expo
10am – 1pm, Thursday September 12
The Presidents Room
GMHBA Stadium, South Geelong


‘I think everyone should come because…’ Watch Tommy B

Attendees will witness the inspiring work and commitment that has gone into the program, which has involved four Northern Bay College campuses, three dozen local partner organisations and two dozen community panellists, as well as parents, carers and other community members.

The students from the Hendy, Wexford, Tallis and Peacock campuses will be joined by their community partners, which includes; Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op, Humans in Geelong, Geelong Cats, Marine Discovery Centre, Lara Men’s Shed, AFL Barwon, Elf Squad and Cookie Moo.

For the past 6 months, 200 year 6 students from Northern Bay College have been working hard with 33 community partners to develop and deliver inspirational social change projects across Geelong.

They’ve been participating in Kids Thrive’s Kids as Catalyst program, which puts the tools in students’ hands to envision and drive creative, positive change in their communities.

It’s time now for the teams to present their great work at a special Showcase and Expo event that is open to all. General public, parents, carers, brothers, sisters, neighbours, grandparents and anyone else who is interested in seeing the power of child-led change are invited to attend.


Find out more information about Kids Thrive and the Kids as Catalyst program.