Kids as Catalysts (2)

Kids as Catalysts is an award-winning schools-based program that equips children aged 8-12 with real world experience in leading positive community change. The curriculum-aligned program gives students the skills to identify and solve real problems facing their community, through creative and collaborative projects. It has been delivered in 35 Victorian schools since 2011.

‘The Kids as Catalysts philanthropy program has considerable potential for broad social impacts and should be prioritised as an intervention. UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, CHILD-LED COMMUNITY CHANGE STRATEGY EVALUATION REPORT 2013-2016.


2020 has been incredibly challenging for kids. Empowering them to contribute and connect to their communities is critical to recovery. Kids as Catalysts has never been more important.


We delivered Kids as Catalysts in communities profoundly impacted by the devastating Black Saturday fires. Ten years on, they are still recovering and through this program kids are playing a meaningful part.


We have worked with hundreds of teachers and educators over the past ten years to deliver our programs in schools. Find out what they think about Kids as Catalysts.


Hundreds of kids have given their time and energy to positive change projects through Kids as Catalysts, delivering real change in their community. Here are just a few of them.


Kids as Catalysts works at an individual, interpersonal, community and social level. It promotes individual and community resilience and builds connectedness. Everything kids and their communities need right now.

‘I felt really proud about myself that I could make a big change in the community. I can do more than I thought.' JACK, 11 YEARS OLD.

Kids Thrive is a registered charity. Donate today and help us put the tools in kids’ hands to lead positive change in their communities.