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Kids as Catalysts is an award-winning schools-based program that equips children aged 8-12 with real world experience in leading positive community change. The curriculum-aligned program gives students the skills to identify and solve real problems facing their community, through creative and collaborative projects. It has been delivered in 35 Victorian schools since 2011.

Kids as Catalysts builds skills for life

  • Activates children as major contributors to and creators of their community.
  • Fosters children’s resilience, leadership, and entrepreneurship.
  • Builds and embraces leadership opportunities for children in their schools and communities.
  • Develops children’s passion for social justice, and capacity to drive community change.
  • Strengthens connections between schools and communities.
  • Develops children’s literacy, budgeting, and financial management skills.

2019 Geelong Kids as Catalysts

In 2019, 196 Year 6 students from across four Northern Bay College campuses teamed up with 28 community organisations and volunteer groups to develop and deliver 33 community change projects.

'Before I did this, I thought kids just had to step back and the adults did things, but Kids Thrive has taught me I have a voice and I can be heard. Now I know I can change something, no matter what my age is. The kids out there who think they are too young to do something - well believe in yourself, you can do something like I can.' Charlotte, aged 12 years old.