Kids Thrive CEO ‘Board Director of the Year’ Finalist

Kids Thrive co-founder and CEO Dr Andrea (Ande) Lemon was a finalist in the national Third Sector Awards for ‘Board Director of the Year’.

Photo: Lemon (centre) with Kids Thrive co-founder Andrea Rieniets, and organisational mentor Janine Mahoney

The Third Sector Awards celebrate and recognise best not for profit practice in Australia.

Judging criteria included:

SOCIAL IMPACT: The Board Director has created positive, measurable benefits for the organisation’s stakeholders, and the third sector as a whole.

SYSTEMS THINKING: The Board Director helps guide the organisation to design solutions based on systems-level change.

OUTCOMES MEASUREMENT: The Board Director has implemented or utilised outcomes measurement and/or evaluation in the organisation.

INNOVATION: The Board Director has guided the organisation to embrace new opportunities and to take innovative approaches in pursuit of better outcomes.

COLLABORATION: The Board Director has a proven capacity to collaborate with other stakeholders within the third sector and/or other sectors.

LEADERSHIP: The Board Director demonstrates leadership of the organisation, the system and self.