KIND Kids Write Songs for Freedom

This is the freedom operation. The destination is education. Elimination of discrimination and the segregation of the population. – Grade 3/4 F students, Wyndham Park Primary School

Primary school students from Hume and Wyndham will be performing their songs of freedom next week as part of Kids Thrive’s KIND program.

Grade 2, 3 and 4 students will come together to share their original songs, inspired by their responses to people being treated unfairly because of their race or culture, in an assembly performance for their school peers and teachers, families and extended community. 

KIND is Kids Thrive’s ground-breaking, arts-based program for primary school students combating bias and racism. KIND uses an anti-bias framework to lead children to recognise, embrace and celebrate their differences, and to recognise and take action against unfairness. The students write songs inspired by their learnings, and then showcase them in performances throughout the year.  

The song below, written by Grade 3 & 4 students from Wyndham Park Primary School, and to be performed at the concert, was inspired by The Freedom Rides for Aboriginal rights led by Charlie Perkins in 1965. Through the Freedom Rides, Charlie and his friends helped people notice the unfair treatment of Aboriginal people. 

Why did they call it a free country?
Why did they call it free?
Not everybody could eat at the restaurant
Not all Australians could be where they wanted to be
Why did they call it free?
This is the freedom operation
The destination is education
Elimination of discrimination and the
Segregation of the population
Operation Freedom. Freedom is GO.
For anyone. For everyone. Yo Yo Yo.

– by Grade 3/4 F students, Wyndham Park Primary School

KIND in Wyndham participants are grade 3 & 4 students from Manor Lakes College, Our Lady of the Southern Cross and Wyndham Park Primary Schools.  They are supported by Kids Thrive artist Jennie Swain, and Cultural Conversation Leaders Shukria Alewi and Casey Northam.

KIND in Hume participants are grade 2 & 3 students from Campbellfield Heights Primary School, supported by Kids Thrive artist Jo Trevathan, and Cultural Conversation Leader David Henry from the Migrant Resource Centre NW Region.

Further information: Nandini Bose at or 8256 9689.