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We have been developing and delivering programs since 2010.

Kids Thrive works with partners from academia, community development, education, philanthropic and government organisations to develop methodologies and deliver multiple award-winning programs.

The University of Melbourne’s Jack Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program evaluated Kids Thrive’s child-led community change strategy in 2016, which included the major programs from 2013 – 2016:

The report found that the Kids Thrive approach works ‘at individual, interpersonal, community and societal levels to promote individual and community resilience and to build social connectedness and social capital.’

Read: Kids-Thrive Child-led-Community-Change-Strategy-Evaluation-Report_2013-2016-1.pdf


Programs and outcomes



Kids as Catalyst, GeelongAbout


2017 Kids as Catalyst – About

Kids as Catalyst 2017 Evaluation Report

2017 Kids as Catalyst, Benalla Region

Benalla Kids as Catalyst Evaluation Report 2017

2017 Kids as Catalyst, Goldfields Region

Goldfields Kids as Catalyst Evaluation Report 2017

2017 Kids as Catalyst, Wyndham Region

Wyndham Kids as Catalyst Evaluation Report 2017



2013 Kids as Catalyst (formerly InSchools Philanthropy)

2013-2014 LLEAP Dialogue Series 2-2013 Case Study

2013 Baby Choir – About

2013 Baby Choir Evaluation Report


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