On the Road Again…

Kids Thrive is producing Cha Cha Sam’s Postcards From Nanna, taking in regional libraries to start conversations about cultural diversity.

Here are Tales From The Road…

We are excited to be kicking off our two week tour through regional Victoria. Our costumes are packed and instacostumeready to go, and Postcards from Nanna is about to be seen by hundreds of people, young and old, as they visit their local library for school holiday fun. Hopefully they will also take away something more from their little journey with Nanna.

For the next two weeks, Cha Cha Sam will be performing Postcards from Nanna in libraries across Victoria. Postcards from Nanna is a delicious journey of songs, stories and dancing. It explores the moments where we discover people who are not like ‘us’, and learning to love the ways that we’re all different is a wonderful thing.

For those of you who might not have seen the show, Nanna sets out on a grand adventure around Australia in Betty the Bubble Caravan, with Ruby Big Dog and Pauline the Parrot by her side. She doesn’t worry about their differences – feathers, fur, flying, barking – they’re all in it together as they have to navigate a series of escalating musical misadventures.

Created in collaboration with Relationships Australia, and Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation, Postcards from Nanna was awarded the Australian Writers Guild ‘Best Script for Young People’, and the Centenary Federation Medal.

Sometimes it’s so easy to see the arts as just pure entertainment. Getting grandma or a special uncle or neighbour to take the kids to the local theatre or cinema, or in this case, just down to the local library for a dose of performance and a laugh is a fantastic thing to do – but the power of performance is so much greater, and the benefits are so much more than just the great fun you’ll have.

Children have incredible capacity for creativity – whether they draw, play with imaginary friends, create games or play make-believe, art encourages empathy – the ability to consider the feelings and emotions of others – possibly one of the most valuable lessons we can impart to the young people in our lives.

Postcards from Nanna is fun. There is plenty of laughter and joy. But more than that, we hope that those who come to our shows over the next two weeks take something extra from the performances – see that it’s ok to be yourself, that being unique is a wonderful thing, and that our differences are often what bring us together.

A big thanks to VicHealth, Arts Victoria, The Australia Council for the Arts, Public Libraries Network Victoria, and the Australian Institute of Social Relations for helping us to bring Nanna to the road.