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Postcards from Nanna: building community through kids’ cultural diversity

A touring program for younger children and their grown-ups, presented in libraries across Victoria – incorporating a live show, and professional development for children’s librarians and early educators.  Created by Cha Cha Sam in collaboration with Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation, and Relationships Australia, and produced by Kids Thrive.

About the Program

Kids thrive when they learn through laughter.

Postcards from Nanna is a beautifully crafted, hilarious, theatrical ‘story concert’ touring Victoria, about discovering people who are ‘not like us’ and learning to love the ways that we’re all different.

Created specifically for local library and community spaces, Nanna, Pauline the Parrot, Ruby Big Dog and Betty the Bubble Caravan take audiences on a rollicking journey of delight and discovery across Australia.

Children and their grown-ups engage with the show through live music, character-based story-telling, interactive song and dance. Nanna’s vivid imagination breaks down age and linguistic barriers, and delivers an inspiring message of seeing diversity as a life adventure.

Nanna’s infectious energy sparks kids’ senses, encourages participation and lays the foundation for later lessons and learning. A strong, fun and adventurous role model, Nanna inspires children and their grown-ups to think about their family and cultural history as a source of inspiration and pride. Nanna encourages kids to share their experiences, creating an outlet for connection and compassion.

The Postcards from Nanna program also provides professional development and activity packs for librarians, enabling them to create opportunities for children and families to engage in gentle, enjoyable conversations about diversity.

Postcards from Nanna trailer on Vimeo

Program Aims

  • Introduce cultural diversity as an adventure for children and their grown-ups.
  • Provide professional development for children’s librarians
  • Engage culturally diverse communities
  • Use the arts as a tool to encourage community reflection
  • Provide a safe and familiar environment for positive social interaction

Program Outcomes

From 2013 to 2015 Nanna

  • Travelled over 7600 kilometres
  • Visited 24 regions across Victoria
  • Performed in 55 libraries and venues
  • Performed to over 3700 people
  • Delivered 7 professional development sessions to over 90 librarians

Librarians reported an increase in:

  • Confidence using music with children – 94%
  • Engaging with people from different cultures – 70%


  • Awarded the Australian Writers Guild’s ‘Best Script for Young People’
  • Awarded the Centenary Federation Medal for services to society through theatre


To purchase the Postcards from Nanna music and a DVD of the show including interactive activities for kids and families, click here.

“This show has started great conversations between Sophie (daughter) and me. It’s been a fantastic experience to share together.”  Clare Hayton, Program Services Officer, East Gippsland Shire Library

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