Kids’ Community Action Bootcamp

The Kids’ Community Action Bootcamp is a week-long creative leadership and social change incursion program activating children to build resilience and improve community connections.

The impact of the recent student-led, global strikes for action on climate-change was compelling evidence of the power children can – and should – have in driving positive change in their communities.

Delivered throughout Victoria and linked to the Victorian Curriculum, this program equips upper primary children with the skills to identify and solve real problems facing their community through creative and collaborative projects.

Based on the six-month Kids as Catalyst program, this intensive is delivered by professional Kids Thrive facilitators in schools, over one week.

Kids as Catalyst (KiC) won the 2017 VicHealth award for Improving Mental Wellbeing.


It’s practical

By providing step-by-step guidance on how to develop and implement social change projects, Bootcamp puts the tools in students’ hands to make the changes THEY want to see in their communities, now and in the future. It enables the practical application of values such as gratitude, kindness, giving and volunteering and builds leadership, resilience and entrepreneurial skills.

It’s evaluated

Bootcamp is aligned with Victorian Curriculum through Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Critical Thinking.

Teacher evaluations show that the program builds students’ personal capabilities such as confidence, perseverance and empathy; social skills including teamwork and social awareness; and educational engagement and self-directed learning.

It’s challenging

Once students have identified an issue they’d like to address in their community, they work with a team to develop a change campaign, engage with community organisations to develop a solution. Then – they have to pitch to a panel of community leaders for funding and support to put it all into action. This can be scary for young students, particularly those who haven’t met or worked with community leaders before.

It works in disadvantaged areas

Experience shows us that this is a powerful program that brings huge benefits to upper-primary school students, especially in disadvantaged areas. It helps them understand the process for making social change, connects them with community leaders and empowers them through the successful delivery of their first change project.


Bootcamp was delivered in Eaglehawk Primary and Kinglake Primary in April 2019. It will delivered in Willowmavin Primary in June 2019.

For more information and to find out how to have it delivered in your school, contact Kids Thrive:

+613 8256 9689