Kids as Catalyst: Children leading local community change

Calling all community leaders of Geelong! Do you need extra volunteers to help you achieve your goals?

What role could local Geelong grade six students play in helping you reach these? Community leaders in Geelong are urged to get involved with a program at Northern Bay College aimed at inspiring and empowering students to become community change makers of tomorrow.

The Kids as Catalyst program is a schools-based philanthropy initiative for children aged 8-12, run by not-for-profit, Kids Thrive. It is a two-phase, 16-week social action program where children begin their work in the classroom then step out into the community to lead local change.

Kids Thrive Founder and Director, Andrea Rieniets says ‘This is your chance to work alongside our newest generation of local volunteers and philanthropists to help you get what you need.’

The program is about to commence its second year at the College. It requires a commitment of around 13 hours over four months and participation in several face-to-face meetings.

Last year’s programs saw students select issues ranging from welcoming new migrants to protecting endangered wildlife, putting into practice values such as gratitude, kindness, giving and volunteering.

Partners working with communities of all types in Geelong are invited to participate.

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Watch – find out what kids think about the Kids as Catalyst program.

Kids as Catalyst (formerly InSchools Philanthropy) is a six-month creative leadership, and social change program activating children to build resilience and improve community connections.

Delivered throughout Victoria, and linked to the Victorian Curriculum, this program equips upper primary children with the skills to identify and solve real problems facing their community through creative and collaborative projects.

Kids as Catalyst (KiC) won the 2017 VicHealth award for improving mental wellbeing.

2019 Kids as Catalyst

The 2019 Kids as Catalyst (KiC) program will be delivered across four campuses at Geelong’s Northern Bay College this year, after its successful introduction in two campuses last year.

The Hendy and Tallis campuses will join with Wexford and Peacock campuses in delivering the KiC program over terms two and three.

Below: Listen to what two of the Northern Bay College teachers had to say when we caught up with them at the teacher training day.

The philosophy

Children can thrive when we acknowledge their capacity to lead local change.

Building skills for life

Kids as Catalyst calls for early engagement, new ideas, respectful community partnerships, and recognises children as vibrant catalysts for positive change. We ask children to reflect on their personal values, and teach them how to conceive, design and implement real-life, philanthropic projects.

The skills developed by children in the program go beyond numeracy and literacy bench-marking to introduce project management, leadership and communication skills. Participants forge partnerships with local volunteers, charities and community organisations; ‘pitch’ community projects to a formidable panel of local community leaders; develop budgets and manage finances; and then deliver their unique community projects.

Young students build deep community connections and deliver tangible, real-world results of which they are justifiably proud. Kids as Catalyst activates and inspires children to take an ongoing interest in community action and social justice.

Leadership and resilience

Kids Thrive collaborates with children as active members of their community, unearthing the issues they care about, and supporting them to make a real impact. Kids as Catalyst develops a sense of engaged citizenship in children, building a strong foundation for a resilient society.

School commitment

Kids Thrive deliver weekly training in schools over two terms. Schools commit to a weekly 90-minute class, in a designated room with weekly follow up in class for required actions, and attendance of the participating class to two community engagement events.

 Program Aims:

  • Activating children as major contributors to and creators of community
  • Fostering children’s resilience, leadership, and entrepreneurship
  • Building and embracing leadership opportunities for children in their schools and communities
  • Developing children’s passion for social justice, and capacity to drive community change
  • Strengthening connections between schools and communities
  • Developing children’s literacy, budgeting, and financial management skills

‘I realise that I can make a change now. I can talk to adults and they will listen to me. I thought I had to be older to do that. Kids can make a difference now.’ Student, grade 5

‘I saw many young people who were inspirational, passionate about helping others, were highly articulate and skilled to make a profound difference. I felt moved, touched and proud at what each group presented and had learnt through this exceptional program.’ Melina Maranville, Principal, Ivanhoe East Primary School

2018 Delivery Partners

Geelong Region – Northern Bay College

Benalla Region – Benalla P-12 College | Tomorrow Today Foundation

2017 Delivery Partners – Schools and Agencies

Benalla Region – Benalla P-12 College | Tomorrow Today Foundation
Wyndham Region – Our Lady of the Southern Cross Primary School | Wyndham Park Primary School | The Smith Family
Goldfields Region – Maldon Primary School

2017 Funding Partners

Victorian Department of Education & Training | VicHealth | Sidney Myer Fund | The William Buckland Foundation
Helen Macpherson Smith Trust | Newsboys Foundation | Collier Charitable Fund | W.C.F. Thomas Charitable Trust

2017 Evaluation Partner

University of Melbourne School of Population and Global Health – The Jack Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program

2017 Program Outcomes

2017 Community Projects